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Let’s face the facts, shall we?

It’s not easy being a small business owner. There’s a long list of tasks that have to be done every week. On top of everything, you have to make sure your business is being advertised! No business owner has time to run their business, and take care of digital marketing.

We know there are a thousand other agencies for you to pick from. We’re not naive. We do, however, believe that SmallCrowd is truly changing how small businesses can compete online. 

We’ve spoken to many small business owners who have either been burned by agencies in the past or believe it takes thousands of dollars to effectively advertise online. While it is true that the more money you spend the wider net you cast, this doesn’t always mean better results.

Our boutique digital marketing agency makes a promise to each one of our clients that there will always be honesty, transparency, and open communication when you become a part of our crowd.

Let’s make sure everybody does know your name, through effective and affordable digital marketing services for the everyday small business.


We build beautifully designed websites that are SEO friendly and made to convert.

Content Creation

Our team develops content that speaks to users. We will create a voice and tone that best represents your business.

Through our expertise, we will organically grow your presence through link building and effective optimizations.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Need results quickly? Our paid media strategies ensure that your business gets found quickly at a low cost.


Large digital marketing agencies are notorious for having too many clients, not being communicative, and producing suboptimal work. Boutique agencies, on the other hand, are designed to be small, detail-oriented firms who really care. These agencies use creative, effective approaches that aren’t “one size fits all”.

For small businesses, boutique agencies are often the best choice. Boutique agencies are very popular among small businesses for a multitude of reasons. These reasons have a lot to do with the personable experience that comes from hiring a boutique agency for digital marketing.

There are 4 benefits of choosing a boutique agency for your digital marketing needs:

Personalized Marketing

Every small business’s marketing strategy should be completely unique. Boutique agencies are meant to provide a personalized marketing plan for your business. There is a different marketing plan for every small business. 

Familiar With Specific Niches

Boutique agencies will assign specialists that are experts in the specific niche of your business. Having specialists that are experts in specific niches means they can hone in on specific marketing strategies. 

New, Creative Ideas

Large agencies use the same approach for every single business. On the other hand, boutique agencies will continually offer new, innovative ideas that will increase traffic to your business. 

They Want You to Win

The specialists who take care of digital marketing for your business want you to succeed. Boutique agency specialists want to see you win, and when you hire a boutique agency, you gain a team that’s on your side. 

Hiring a boutique agency is a win-win situation. Large and small businesses can benefit from boutique agencies due to the amount of creative power boutique agencies have. Boutique agencies can provide specialized marketing strategies that full-service agencies can’t. 

Everything is available online these days. This is why your business should be able to be easily accessible. Digital marketing is more than just posting on Instagram every day. It’s a combination of all the ways a business can advertise itself. Boutique agencies understand that every business is unique and deserves unique ways they can market themselves. 

In addition, boutique agencies don’t outsource as large agencies do. Large agencies will outsource digital marketing services such as SEO. Boutique agencies hire specialists and experts that already know their respective niche, therefore there’s no reason to outsource to other companies.

When you work with boutique agencies, you’re getting high-quality digital marketing services that large agencies can’t provide. 

Work With a Group of Digital Marketers Who Care About Your Business Goals.

Work With a Group of Digital Marketers Who Care About Your Business Goals.

*20% discount off when you sign up as a new client.
Types of Digital Marketing Services

Small businesses can reach their targeted audience in a variety of ways. Most businesses will have at least one form of social media and a website where they should be building and sustaining high traffic. Every boutique digital marketing firm will have contrasting types of digital marketing services that they offer. 

Digital marketing means getting the name of your business out there in the most effective way possible. To get your business shown to the maximum number of people, you’ll need to market your business in various ways.  

Web Design & Development

Remember when you were younger and you were told “don’t judge a book by its cover“?

The reality is when it comes to the internet, that concept goes out the window. If your web design is lacking, users may decide not to use your business based on how your website looks alone. 

We know that many people believe that it costs thousands of dollars to have a user-friendly, SEO-friendly, conversion-optimized website. That is simply not true.

SmallCrowd started in order to provide small business owners like yourself access to an affordable, high-quality website design without breaking the bank. With our affordable websites, we can help you stand out from the crowd and increase your business with effective & affordable web design.

Design that helps you stand out.
Managing Your Website with ease.
Website Maintenance

Your website is your brand’s face to the world, so no matter how you look there has to be a constant effort in maintaining it. With our website maintenance services, you’ll get everything you need to have a fully functioning site at all times. Interacting with your site visitors, keeping viruses at bay, designing external promotion materials- from A-Z we’ve got you covered. Your website is the one thing you can’t afford to neglect. We’ll take care of the busy work, while you focus on your core business. 

Content Creation

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an established company or just getting your business off the ground, it’s definitely worth investing in a content creation to boost your SEO and drive new traffic. With SmallCrowd, our content team makes the whole process seamless! We’ll not only help with creating original articles about everything related to your business, but we’ll also take care of SEO-friendly keywords that helps keep those search rankings high on Google.

Telling your brand’s story through content.

Unparalleled Customer Service

Thanks to the team at SmallCrowd, our healthcare billing company is bringing in new organic traffic month over month. The movement and customer service has been unparalleled.

Brad F.
Acme Billing Solutions

Unparalleled Customer Service

In under two months, SmallCrowd has helped my business grow in ways I could never imagine!

Nicci J.
Confectious Pastry Shop

Unparalleled Customer Service

Thanks to the team at SmallCrowd, our healthcare billing company is bringing in new organic traffic month over month. The movement and customer service has been unparalleled.

Brad F.
Acme Billing Solutions

Unparalleled Customer Service

In under two months, SmallCrowd has helped my business grow in ways I could never imagine!

Nicci J.
Confectious Pastry Shop
Helping you get found when it matters.
Local SEO

Getting found online is key for any business in 2022. With so many products and services to choose from, your business needs to be front and center on search engines in order for customers to consider you. Getting your business visible on Google is a process and is not an easy task. Lucky for you, we’re experts at it. We’ll work tirelessly building up your rankings on local search and your Google My Business profile in order to get you ahead of your competition. Learn more about GMB marketing services.

Google Business Profile Managment

SmallCrowd takes care of everything when it comes to your Google My Business, from account creation, adding the necessary information about your business, ensuring all listings are consistent, and claiming the top spots for related keywords in your local area. We offer one-time and monthly Google My Business marketing services that help your business stand out from the crowd!

Putting Your Business on the Map.
Building trust with your audience.
Review Management

Reviews are essential to any business. You could be the absolute best service provider in town, but if no one is talking about you online, your customer base may not grow. SmallCrowd offers effective review and reputation management services to make sure you’re always standing out from the crowd.

Nothing makes us happier than seeing those 5 star ratings roll in for our customers.


When you choose SmallCrowd’s digital marketing boutique agency, you’re choosing quality, personalized service. A lot of hard work goes into successful digital marketing, and that’s where Small Crowd’s boutique agency comes into play. We do all of the hard work for you.

Our goal is to provide you with affordable digital marketing that works for your goals. We are a boutique agency that puts ourselves in the customer’s shoes. Our team creates personalized strategies that fit your business’s goals.

It doesn’t get any better than that. 


Unlike large agencies, hiring a boutique means you’ll be in constant communication with the specialists from the agency. These specialists will learn everything there is to know about your business. By extensively learning about your business, the agency will be able to create a marketing strategy that works specifically for the niche your business is in.

The unique part of boutique agencies is the ability to give every customer their undivided attention. No matter which boutique agency you decide to hire, you’ll notice that customer service is one of their best qualities. This isn’t surprising considering the flow of communication between the customer and the agency. 

Being in close communication with the agency ensures the best marketing results for your small business. You’ll be able to provide feedback at any time, and the agency will be able to adjust marketing strategies based on your feedback. The way communication flows between the business owner and the specialists helps produce successful marketing results. 

Successful marketing is what every boutique agency aims for. You’ll know when marketing is working well when you begin to gain more traction on your business websites. Potential customers will be able to find your small business easily. The more people who know about your business, the more customers you’ll have. 

Hiring SmallCrowd’s experienced team ensures you’ll have less stress on your shoulders. As a business owner, you can’t take care of everything. You don’t have to deal with the stress of digital marketing by yourself. Let our experienced specialists design and implement your strategy for you.

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